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TP Trading has developed a system for Tradingview that helps you to find your own style of trading! This style of trading will help you develop a method that will make you feel more comfortable in your analysis.

This system calls buy’s and sell’s like our other systems, BUT you also receive a support and resistance system that displays on your Tradingview chart. You can either trust the systems calls, or use the support and resistance lines to confirm your trades by waiting for a break or retest with the lines displayed on your chart. OR you can match up the BEAST system with what you see on your own analysis to double check and to feel 100% confident to take the trade!

This system runs on Tradingview, thus requiring the user to have a Tradingview account. After purchasing it, we will grant you 12 months access to the system and it will appear on your Tradingview. Please, apply it ONLY to your NASDAQ chart and not to any other pairs.

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