NAS100/SPX500 Trading System

NAS100/SPX500 Trading System



TP Trading has developed the Take Profit Sniper trading system for NASDAQ that runs on your Tradingview chart. This system has a tested 83% success rate (We update the system regularly to consistently achieve the success rate even during volatile time periods). When you purchase the system you will receive a swing and scalping system both working off the same strategy but on different timeframes.

This system runs on Tradingview, thus requiring the user to have a Tradingview account. After purchasing it, we will grant you 12 month access to the system and it will appear on your Tradingview. Please, apply it ONLY to your NASDAQ and/or SPX500 chart and not to any other pairs.

You will also gain permanent access to our Trading System Telegram group. In this group we communicate any updates about the system and answer any questions regarding the system. This system is perfect for the trader that needs extra confirmation with their analysis. The system is also useful for any trader who has little time to analyse the charts but requires 83% successful signals.

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